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Create digital menu for your restaurant, hotel, club, cafe, bar, upload your restaurant PDF menu or create your QR Code menu directly from our dashboard.

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A better way your customers to view your restaurant menu

Stop sharing physical menus and provide digital menu to your customers. Start replacing your restaurant menu with QR Code.

  • Save on printing costs

    Can you remember how annoying was when you needed to replace your restaurant menus? With Velox, replacing your restaurant menus is with a click of a button.

  • Updates are instant

    Updating the menu can be performed with a click of a button, if you used the PDF restaurant menu option, replacing the menu is easy as file upload. However, if you used our custom menu option, updating dishes and items from the menu is just like browsing the web.

  • Multi language

    With more then 100 supported translation languages, on the "Pro" plan, if you are using our custom menu feature, the menu is auto translated based on your customer smartphone and PC browser language preferences. Allow your restaurant menu to shine with multi language.

  • Keep your staff safe and productive

    The staff are the most important employees in your restaurant or bar. Limit interactions with the customers to keep your staff safe, and let's not forget that the staff members will be no longer need to bring a physical menu to the customers which increase their productivity.

  • Multi currency

    When you create your own menu via Velox, you can add the dishes and drinks prices with multi currencies support, your customers will feel confident when looking at the prices knowing the price in their local currency. This feature makes your restaurant menu multi-currency and cutting the additional print costs for your restaurant multi currency menu.

  • Contactless experience

    Your customers will love the contactless and touchless experience, knowing that they won't touch and interact with the physical menu that was provided to thousands of previous visitors to your restaurant or bar.

Match With Your Branding

We offer options to style your menu page, you can easily match the colors with your brand colors and let your customers feels like home.

At the same time, on the right side, you have a mobile preview so you can preview the menu while editing.

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Upload PDF menu or create custom menu

We have 2 options, upload your restaurant PDF menu or use our menu tool to create restaurant menu online perfectly optimized for mobile.

Upload PDF menu

You can use our PDF upload option that is available on all plans. Just upload your existing PDF restaurant menu and your menu is ready, however, creating custom menu gives you the most benefits.

  • Fast to get up and running
  • Use your existing PDF menu
  • Your design


  • Cannot be searched
  • Harder to navigate
  • Not that mobile friendly
  • Harder to update
Resturant Digital PDF Menu

Create your own menu online

Create your own QR Code restaurant menu, with unlimited sections and items (dishes), HTML viewable.

  • Menu can be searched
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Update the menu anytime from the UI
  • Mobile responsive


  • Takes more time to create
  • Cannot use your own ready menu
Resturant Digital Menu

It's simple, fast and contactless.

It takes few minutes to make your menu available via QR Code. Sacrificing few minutes to upload your PDF restaurant menu to Velox will benefit both your customers and staff.

Upload menu

In our dashboard, create new menu and upload your PDF menu, a QR code will be automatically generated once the menu is created.

Print QR Code

Download the code on your computer and send it to your printer or your favorite printing company.

Go Contactless

After you print the code, place it on a surface such as on the wall of your restaurant, at the window, on the door, or on the table itself.

Questions? Check our FAQ below.

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What is Velox? Velox is a QR Code menu for the modern world that will allow you to provide a digital restaurant menu with QR Code to your customers.
Who can use Velox? Velox can be used by restaurants, hotels, clubs, cafes, bars, summarized, any company who wants to have their menu online and accessible with QR Code can use Velox.
Why should my restaurant use digital menu? We will just name a few reasons, then You decide.

Clean and safe, easily accessible, save on printing costs, remove/add menu items anytime without any additional cost etc...

What are the supported countries? Velox is worldwide supported.
What are the prices? You can check our prices here.
Do you offer free trial? Yes, we do offer 7 days of free trial, sign up now to start your free trial. (no credit card needed)
Do my guests need an app to scan the QR Code menu? Absolutely not. Starting from 2017 all of the new smart phones have integrated QR Code scanning capabilities with the phone camera.
Can I share the menu link on social media or my website? Sure, our menu pages are fully mobile optimized and prepared for social media sharing, you can even place it on your Facebook page or website so it's publicly available.

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